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The FJF will be sponsoring selected orphanages and correctional facilities within the year and we are in need of volunteers to help out at the various locations with the program schedule (the schedules will be made available soonest). We are in need of volunteers for setting up and clean up, ushering, etc. If you can volunteer please contact Fademi Ekundayo at or




The larger part of kids eligible for their final exams in most public high schools lack the adequate funding necessary to get themselves enrolled for the exams.

The Fademi Jacobson Foundation eagerly welcome every friend and supporter of the organization since its inception. We will also like to tender our unreserved apologies again for the prolonged silence from the organization for the past few months, this is due to pertinent reasons deemed fit by the organization’s team members and founding mentors. The organization is back to fully operational status and we will like to thank everyone supporting us till date.

The organization’s direction since its inception has been to support orphaned children, kids in remand homes and correctional facilities, abandoned children and destitute across the country. In 2017, the organization achieved tremendous success in this regard. The organization was able to complete donations to the Remand Homes and Home for abandoned children in Ondo State and Osun State. The organization was also able to make a visit to the camp for the Internally Displaced People in Abuja and Kaduna. These visits were no means individual efforts from the team members of the foundation, but a collective effort from everyone involved with the foundation. We sincerely appreciate the massive donations in different forms to the foundation, and we are truly grateful.

Our travels last year revealed the ugly situations in a lot of public high schools which we find very disheartening. The larger part of kids eligible for their final exams in most public high schools lack the adequate funding necessary to get themselves enrolled for the exams. At the foundation, we believe education is an important bedrock to the development of our great nation and continent. We believe every child deserve every right to be educated and given a chance to go after their dreams. This major concern affected the decision of the foundation to restructure its operations for the calendar year of 2018. We have thus decided to prioritize supporting kids in high schools to give them a chance to progress to a higher institution.

This year, the foundation is focusing on paying examination fees of as much as it can afford for kids in public high schools as its number one priority. While we will be focusing on examination fees for these kids, all our other humanitarian objectives still stand valid. We will be working around the clock to achieve these objectives to make this country and continent a better place. We will of course appreciate all forms of donations and volunteers to this noble cause.

We can thank everyone enough for their continued support and we hope everyone will once again continue to support the foundation to enable us achieve our objectives. Thank you all and God bless you all.

We’re looking for Fresh Ideas

Do you have a suggestion for a terrific fundraiser? Do you have ideas about making some of our existing fundraisers even more successful? We want to hear from you!

The FJF is looking to shake things up a bit over the next year and we’re looking for your ideas to help guide us.

Contact one of our Co-Chairs at or if you have something to share.

Thank you!

The Fademi Jacobson Foundation is all about helping children and helping them achieve their greatest desires and living to their full potentials.

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