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2019: NEW YEAR, NEW ????

HAPPY NEW YEAR    New Year Greetings from everyone at the Fademi Jacobson Foundation. First of all, we welcome everyone into this new year with joy and gladness for your wonderful support all through the previous year. As the curtains drew on 2018, we had a look back on all our achievements as an organization and the mistakes we made along the  way; in all of these, we have taken note of all the lessons we can learn and hoping that we will implement the solution to our 2019 operations.  We are making a resolution to strive harder and go further than we ever have in helping as many people as we possibly can. In the year 2019, we will continue to offer our regular donations to orphanages, correction facilities, and IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps. Our secondary school scholarships will also be continued with the goal of equipping and supporting double our usual number of students. Furthermore, we will be providing examinations materials such as calculators, mathematical sets, technical drawing materials, etc. to a number of deserving students for both the junior and secondary school level.  As stated earlier, we intend to offer more to the community and one way we are approaching this is through a medical outreach program we will be conducting for the aged. Studies have shown that Nigeria has since independence suffered from standard health insurance for its populace from the federal government. Though major strides have been taken especially with the available services such as NHIS, NICS, etc.; the health system in the country is still yet to cover the health challenges and the massive health needs of the nation’s vast population. With the help of our partner organizations (both present and future collaborations) and yours as well, programs such as this will help in making sure the less privileged part of the THE FADEMI JACOBSON FOUNDATION JANUARY 2019……. WHAT WILL YOUR 2019 BE ABOUT? DARE TO MAKE CHARITY PART OF YOUR NEW YEAR RESOLUTION

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