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Education in all different forms is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. It has an uplifting effect on other aspects of society that may seem totally unrelated, such as girls’ education lowering the number of prenatal deaths. The relationship between poverty and education is complex, but we know that education helps people make healthier and smarter decisions about their children, their livelihoods and the way they live.

Education also has a significant role in the fight for children’s rights, both in teaching children what they can and should expect from adults, and in showing adults the benefits of respecting their children’s rights. In TimorLeste, children have stepped forward to advocate for their rights in school through the Children against Violence project. Touring around the country, they raise awareness of corporal punishment through theatrical drama. In this and many other cases, education is a powerful tool that can make the world a better place.

Make a commitment today to improve and contribute to educating the young ones around you. Give a young child the ability to dream of a better future than he is currently enjoying. Use today to be a difference in the world.

Thank you!

WE’RE LOOKING FOR FRESH IDEAS: Do you have a suggestion for a terrific fundraiser? Do you have ideas about making some of our existing fundraisers even more successful? We want to hear from you! The FJF is looking to shake things up a bit over the next year and we’re looking for your ideas to help guide us.

Contact us at or send us an email via if you have something to share. We are always welcome to feedback and new ideas.

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