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… Building the confidence of kids

Entropy can be simply described as lack of order or predictability in thermal energy. No single scientific word can succinctly describe the energy level of kids as they grow up.

One of the greatest wonder of life is the process of growing up, and nothing fully describes this wonderful amazement such as watching kids grow. It’s always a thing of beauty watching kids burst around with so much energy that we sometimes find it hard to keep up with their energy level. And like a scientist trying to calculate entropy, the parents or guardians of the kids are left with an enormous task of dealing with this unpredictable burst of energy from the kids. No given template of formula will help deal with this as it is nigh impossible to predict the expected energy level of a child on daily basis.

While for most parents and guardians, the goal is usually to rein in the energy level of their child or ward to a level they can deal with. This usually helps them deal with this energy burst from the kids. A process sometimes confused with discipline, but which differs from it. Discipline helps raise a child with the right values, while the other just obstructs a kid’s confidence and natural curiosity.

Discipline is imperative for kids (especially in this time and age) but it shouldn’t mean placing a lid on the energy level of kids. Nurturing and guiding the kids energy level inspires inquisitiveness, creativity, ingenuity and brilliance. It gives a child confidence to explore the world they are growing up in at a very young age.

Its common knowledge that the best form of education is no longer in the classroom and as such, it will behove parents and guidance to encourage their kids to explore the world on their own terms rather than on the forced template of an adult.

Parents and guardians must not be fazed by the unending boisterous energies of these kids and try to shut it down. Rather, we must learn to channel these energy into something great for them based on their interest, giving them the confidence to take on the world as they grow older.

The world doesn’t need more docile students but needs more brilliant minds to lead it to the new age.

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