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ITS OKAY TO DISAGREE… we all can’t see the world from the same lens.

With the world going more digital, social media platforms have become one of the most important means of communication available to humans. And this has gone on to give voice to issues that before now, were whispered in small circles and community, most notable the strive for women equality and inclusion.

And like all human creations, for every pro, there is a con. As the world listens to movements raise issues that affect millions of lives, there are some few extremist who perceive their cause to be the only noble cause worth dying for and will ostracize and vilify those who don’t agree with their views. Unfortunately, these extremists usually find themselves with quite a horde of followers who plan on following the message of their leaders. Some of these followers eventually become parents and guardians of children with the intention of shaping them to view the world from their prism.

The beauty of human interaction is the ability to have different opinions on issues, otherwise we could as well be robots. A lot of people especially ‘wokists’ are desperate to be right and are not ready to accommodate contrary opinions. Acknowledging the opinion of others does not makes yours wrong and inferior, it simply means you are old enough to understand there are different perspectives from which to view the world from.

As parents and guardians, it is ok not to agree with the views of kids or wards, but it is important we do not discard their views. It is important we do not force them to fit in with the popular views that guides the world, even when we consider their views weird.

Do not “cancel” your kids’ or wards’ reality to impose your own reality on them.

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