The Fademi Jacobson Foundation

Making an impact in the world, one kid at a time…


The Fademi Jacobson Foundation was set up to focus on three key areas of humanitarian service to Nigeria, the Sub –Saharan region, and the World beyond. The three key units of the foundation started with are;

  1. Child Education and support (Orphanages, IDP camps and Remand Homes)
  2. Women Empowerment
  3. Relief for Victims of War and Internally Displaced People (IDPs)

In January 2018, the foundation had a restructuring and it  decided to re-focus the organization’s resources towards two key areas of humanitarian support. The foundation decided to tackle education challenges in the country. The future of Nigeria and Africa at large depends on how well educated the children are, and the current rate of child education in the country is quite discouraging. The organization also decided to support more women in the strife for financial independence of women in Africa, especially in the rural areas. The revamped unit of the foundation are;

  1. Children Support: This includes academic and welfare supports to kids in poor families, orphanages, and Remand home and Correctional facilities.
  2. Women Empowerment: This includes support to women in rural areas in developing themselves through approved business and development models by the foundation.


“Our vision is to be a leading charity and humanitarian organization globally, providing relief and support to everyone in need of same in all areas where we operate around the world.”


“Our mission as a foundation is to provide relief and support economically, medically, socially, and intellectually to individuals and groups in need of same across the world, making a positive difference wherever we go.”


At The Fademi Jacobson Foundation, we pride ourselves for having the best work ethos to help us achieve our set targets and grind on in the face of adversity. Our core values that are instilled in every member of our foundation can simply be referred to as IMPACTED. The full meaning of the acronym is found below;









These are qualities we hold in high regard and expect every member of our foundation to exhibit at all times.


We are a goal-driven organization, as we believe without set goals, we would just be drifting with the tides of circumstance. The foundation’s restructuring brought about a realignment of our goals. The foundation’s driving goals are;

  1. To provide Financial and Academic support to children in Government-owned schools across the country to ensure they have an equal chance of creating a better future for themselves.
  2. To provide welfare and financial aid to children in Remand Homes/Correctional Facilities, and children in Orphanages across the country to ensure their rights to live as children are met.
  3. To empower women in rural areas through business development models and mentors who are proven professionals in the chosen fields of participants.
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